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features of Cassiny

Cloud service with superpowers.

We use an hybrid infrastructure where we provide scalable computational power with strict performance guarantees, mixing virtualized and dedicated servers.


A GPU can speed up your deep learning model but is very expensive and also a lot of work to set up. We want to make the GPU experience as cheap and as easy as possible.

Easy to use

Keep it super simple - this is our goal. No more than 5 clicks and less than 30 seconds, this all you need to launch your first probe (job or API). And if you have any problems during the process we will be there to help.

Need more power?

So, you start your probe (job or API) using a nano machine, then you see you need more, and you just resize your probe. No problem. Do you need a Death star-sized probe? Just drop us a line.

Public sub-domains

Your probes (or APIs) will get a public sub-domain ( that you can use and share.

SSL out of the box

All the probes and APIs are protected using our ssl certificate, which provides the highest level of security for your connections.

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Start doing data analysis in less than 2 minutes

Decide the blueprint, pick-up a cargo and select the size of your machine, then you just have to press launch and start analyzing your data.

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Cassiny platform

We are prepared for a cosmic trip


A probe is an instance of a Jupyter server, you can have more than one probe running with different size (CPU, RAM and GPU) and packages.


A job is a running process executing your code. For example you can run your data science pipelines or train your machine learning models.


With Cassiny you can easily deploy your machine learning models, using your notebooks or Python code. Select the size of the machine, the blueprint, the cargo and press launch.

Focus on your work

and leave the rest to us

With Cassiny you can spin-up your machine directly, no need to ask or wait for the devops or engineers team. Out of the box you get everything you need, Python, R, Julia or Spark with the main libraries. And if this is not enough there is also Bash.

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Cassiny platform

and we have fuel for a long trip


A cargo provides a shared storage solution. You can attach a cargo to your probe, job and even API. You can also connect directly from your computer using the S3 protocol.


A blueprint is a collection of libraries and packages (a Docker image). You can use our public blueprints to build your probe, job or API.


Use our CLI to control your probes, jobs and APIs directly from your terminal.

What's under the hood?

Some of the amazing technologies we use as a part of our stack :-)


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