Our Name

Cassiny is a misspelling of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, he discovered four moons of Saturn and noted the division of the rings of Saturn. Cassini is also the name of a NASA/ESA/ASI mission, specifically the mission is called Cassini-Huygens, where Cassini is the name of the orbiter and Huygens the name of the lander. The mission started in 2004. Goal of the mission: study Saturn and Saturn's moons.

Our Mission

To help you, your team, your company or group analysing data, do reproducible research and experimenting using notebooks. Use Cassiny.io to inspire and implement solutions using data to make the World a little bit better.

Our Credo

Our Credo represent the constellation of ideas behind Cassiny.io, the mindset of how we run our business.

Go further

If there is a sentence that describes us is "Go further", we help and strive for curiosity, to make more possible what seemed not possible (or sometimes just very hard), to consider everything like a draft without getting block by perfection.


If we do the same stuff everyday how can we think to grow up? How can we challenge ourselves if we live costantly facing the same situations? Nature knows about this, there is no evolution without diversity. We don't hope for diversity we seek for it.

Intelligent Stubbornness

If we decide to do something we go for it, no execuses, no complains, no delays. If the situation evolves we stop, we reflect and we adapt, and if we fail we start our process again improving what we did.


People have too many choices these days, we are not hoping for a communist market or becuase we think people are dumb and we have to make choiche for them, but choosing requires a mental effort (check this Ted talk) and avoiding useless complexity could only make our life simpler, at the end we truly believe that "Just enough is more".

Enjoy what you do

Did you ever have the feeling that you would prefer to remain under your blanket instead of start to work? We have our duty, things to get done and sometimes sh*t to resolve but overall work have to be enjoyable on a daily basis (taken directly from Let My People Go Surfing).

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