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Rendezvous with Cassiny, a data science platform

Doing data science has never been so easy-
you just need to code, we handle the rest.

Thanks to the NASA/JPL-Caltech for this amazing picture

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The Problem 

Every time you want to run a notebook you have problems relating to the packages and maybe you need to ask the sysadmin to set up a Virtual Machine with the packages and resources (CPU, memory and disk) you need...and then you have to wait, always.

Our Solution

You log-in, select the blueprint (the packages you need), the type of the machine (CPU and memory) and the size of the cargo (storage solution) and press launch. This is all you have to do with Cassiny, super easy!

Amazing Result

It's less time spent worrying about how to deploy your notebooks, jobs or machine learning models, more time to work on your analysis. And last but not least, you will be happier and your sysadmin will be hapier too, finally you will enjoy the coffee-break together!

Python Seaborn plot

Data analysis, plotting, machine learning, NLP, learning Python (or R), data journalism....

No matter what your goal is, Cassiny can help you, spin up your notebook in a few seconds, load your data and enjoy the notebook experience.

Built to make you happy

We built Cassiny with the goal of giving you the best "notebook" experience.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are very important, discover how we take care of them.

The full package

Pandas? included, Scikit-Learn? Same as before. What about plots? Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh and Plotly. Check our FAQ for more info.

No vendor lock-in

Cassiny is open source and completely based on open source standards.

A few things you can easily do with Cassiny

Run private jupyter notebooks

You can start a jupyter notebook with the libraries that you prefer, connect to it using a subdomain ( and share it with your team.

Launch jobs

We also have jobs! You can easily run long-running processes, like your data pipelines and training phases of your models with Cassiny. And we are working on a clustered version too!

Put your model in production

What you need is to code your model as a Python function, we take the function, build a blueprint around it and serve it through our HA infrastructure. Each API is versioned as a docker image, so you can easily rollback or test them.

Neat use of our Cargos

Cargos are a shared storage solution based on the S3 protocol. You can use a cargo with your probes, jobs, APIs and also directly from your computer using an S3 client or library (like boto).

  • Spotting Saturn's rings would have been much more easier with Cassiny.

    Galileo Galilei - Father of modern physics
  • And then you see Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

    Christiaan Huygens - Discovered Titan, Saturn's moon
  • One ring (but actually they are many) to rule the entire planet.

    Giovanni Domenico Cassini - Discovered that Saturn has many rings

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